From Genesis through Revelation, Scripture presents the heartbeat of God—world missions. As believers, Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all nations. Boca Church of all Nations Missions Ministry is doing just that by equipping, encouraging, and serving our missionaries and the ones they reach for Christ. The mission statement for Jesus’ Ministry can be found in Luke 4:18.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the broken-hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised (Luke 4:18 – KJVA).



CALEB Centers are a result of the vision of Rev. Mark D. Boykin and Rev. Federico Brun. Their combined expertise and passion were used to establish the very first CALEB Center in Punta de Rieles, Uruguay.

The mandate of CALEB Centers is to minister to children in need, in the most difficult areas of the world, by providing a safe haven where they can be introduced to and discipled in, the Christian faith.

While emphasizing the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ to every child, the goal of CALEB Centers is to set children free from spiritual bondage, ease poverty conditions, and to equip children to become responsilbe Christians and future contributing members of society.


CALEB Centers also help educate and safeguard at-risk and abused children by providing assistance with school work and help in improving basic learning skills, as well as providing daily and/or weekly meals to undernourished children.


Móron, Buenos Aires
Children at Center: 45
Leaders: Pr. Juan and Sandra Pacheco


Gramadales, Lima
Children at Center: 61
Leader: Pr. German Orrillo

Children at Center: 61
Leaders: Pr. Julio and Sandra Gutierrez


Club de la Aventura, Montevideo
Children at Center: 80
Leaders: Pr. Javier and Viviana de Paula

Gane Punta de Rieles, Montevideo
Children at Center: 40
Leaders: Pr. Dario and Adriana Pereira


Two Centers, Tema
Children at Center: 3000
Leaders: Pr. Paul & Angie Doe


Kolar Gold Fields
Children at Center: 200
Leader: Pr. Frank Godberg John


El Atrio, Santa Cruz
Children at Center: 100
Leader: Vilanir Marinho

La Costanera, Santa Cruz
Children at Center: 100
Leader: Dario Cartagena

Plan 3000, Santa Cruz
Children at Center: 100
Leader: Hugo Peralta

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We are an international ministry that is changing lives by sharing Scripture with children and youth around the world—and we have a plan to reach every child by 2030.

Our name, OneHope, reflects our desire to present the Living Word of God in an engaging way to children and youth. Jesus Christ is the one and only hope for eternity — and when we present Him to the next generation lives are transformed. We have a plan to reach every young person, in every nation, with a relevant Gospel message by the year 2030.

Touched Romania exists to transform the lives of high-risk mothers and babies through:
1. Caring for the needs of newborns and children abandoned in maternity hospitals and institutions in Bucharest.
2. Helping to find responsible foster care families for abandoned children and supporting them while in foster care.
3. Hagar Home Maternal Center provides an alternative to child abandonment and the opportunity to build a better future for at risk mothers and their children.

Vero Beach Boys Ranch is part of Teen Challenge International and is a Christ-centered residential boys ranch and Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys, located in Vero Beach, Florida. We believe in the potential within each boy no matter how much trouble they are causing for themselves. Our Christian staff bring positive goals and purpose to boys who are struggling with life controlling issues such as anger, minor substance abuse or trouble with the law, or lack of respect for authority. We believe that the first change is a heart change…a knowledge that God has a purpose and a plan for each boy’s life. The therapeutic and academic school at Vero Beach Boys Ranch gives at-risk boys a new perspective and a new start toward a successful and fulfilling life.

Lakeland Grace Academy is residential Christian boarding school specifically designed for girls who are struggling with life controlling issues. Teen Challenge provides a safe haven for adolescents who have sought to fill the void in their hearts, only to reap destructive consequences in its place. Our program provides an opportunity for each student to refocus and assess her life decisions and allows her the opportunity to choose the abundant life Christ has to offer.

Convoy of Hope is a non-profit organization that has helped more than 70 million people throughout the world by sharing food, water, emergency supplies, agricultural know-how and opportunities that empower people to live independent lives, free from poverty, disease and hunger.